How to Get Your Next 10,000 Blog Readers


First 10,000 BLOG READERS

Let’s start with a question.

“How many readers visited your blog last month?”

To make the math easier, we’ll assume you get about 1,000 readers a month.

“How can you grow your readership from 1,000 to 10,000 readers a month?”

Here’s how…

Make Your Social Channels Work Harder

Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is a blog’s most important source of new and engaged readers.

A well-executed Twitter action plan for example can contribute from 30-40% of your new readers and grow your readership from 20-30% a month.

The mistake most bloggers make is trying to work too many social channels at once, splitting their effort and getting “ok” results. You can prevent this by selecting just two networks. Take the time you save and invest it into the two networks you select.

For most blogs that is LinkedIn (Business), Twitter (General), and Facebook (Consumer). A little research will help you decide where you should focus your time.

We’ll start with Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter has changed dramatically over the last three years. It has become a serious news curation tool for influencers. The days of follow/follower manipulation and retweet reciprocity are over.

Now, the name of the game is to grow your Twitter following quickly.

Your blog traffic will grow as you attract quality followers.

You can grow your Twitter following by finding fellow influencers and getting on their radar.

But how do you catch an influencer’s attention?

The easiest path into an influencer’s heart is by “Favoriting” tweets that they have spent time and energy curating.

Select ones that are relevant to your blog subject and click the “Favorite” gold star in your preferred Twitter reader (i.e. TweetDeck and Hootsuite).

Note: Be careful to only favorite tweets that will be helpful to your readers.

Next put the influencer on a Twitter List so you can focus on their activity. Continue to Favorite relevant tweets. You can retweet if you like but focus on Favoriting for now.

Now scale up your Twitter love.

Create a process to find influencers, put them on your public Twitter lists, review their Twitter stream and Favorite the tweets you like.

I’ve created a process that put’s these steps on autopilot. I call it the Twitter Machine and you can check it out here.

The Results?
In 2012 it took me 12 months to grow my Twitter List from 0 to 1,000 followers.

In February 2014, I added 1,000 real (non-bot) Twitter followers in 30 days. These new followers grew the potential audience for my blog by nearly 200,000 people.

That’s just Twitter.

Imagine putting your Twitter Machine into place and use similar high-impact strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

So what about Google?

Partner With Google

You might have noticed that I said the social networks could contribute up to 40% of your traffic. What about the other 60%?

Enter the the boys and girls from Mountain View, CA.

Google is on a mission to bring the best information on the planet to its users every nanosecond of the day. Guess who their #1, most important resource is?

You and your blog.

Google needs your blog posts. They need your video. They need your finely honed curation skills. They are willing to pay for your help too – by driving torrent of interested visitors to your blog’s doorstep every day.

The gold rush for Google’s readers is just starting and their isn’t an end in sight for bloggers who understand the one-rule of mining for Google Gold.

Here it is…

“Serve Google’s customers as if they were your own.”

Tape that to your bathroom mirror my friend.

Here’s how to start…

Use Google Trends to see what topics your readers are very interested in. Make a list of these topics.

Step #1:
Type the terms you find plus any others you can think of into Google and see what Google offers as a recommendation with their “autosuggest” feature. Add these terms to your list.

Step #2:
Go to your Google Analytics report, navigate to Acquisition, then Search Engine, then Keywords and take note of the words that people are already using to find your blog. Add these terms to the list.

Click here to use a custom Google Analytics keyword report.  This report will automatically gather your keyword data and show you which Google keywords are sending the most traffic.

Step #3:
Do a series of searches using these power search phrases:

“How to [Insert your subject]”
“Question about [Insert your subject]”
“How Can I [Insert your subject]”

Note what Google suggests as you type your power search phrases into Google.

Also scroll down to the bottom of any search listing page and look for more search ideas in the “Related Searches” section.

Step #4:
Narrow your list down to 6-9 phrases that you can write useful and interesting posts about. These phrases will help guide your editorial calendar for the next year.

Set a goal to publish a search-phrase informed post every week. Do not robotically stuff your posts with search terms. Instead, use your list as a guide to what your readers are looking for.

This approach naturally creates content that Google’s “customers” will find appealing.

There’s much more you can do here but this is a great start.

I will be teaching a mini-class on quickly finding keywords using free tools. Stay tuned for this new premium video here. I’ve also devoted an entire chapter to this and other clever non-geek search engine tactics in the 10K Guide.

Turn Visitors into Loyal Readers


I call it the “leaking blog bucket.”

It looks like this; you get new readers, 95% leave and never come back, you go out and find more readers to fill the hole left by the others. You do this until you burn out or go broke.

This is madness and you need to get off this bus now.

Your goal is to retain 40-45% of your readers and get 5-10% excited enough to comment and share your information with their followers.

The good news is that this is a relatively straight-forward task.

Here’s the first thing you should do:

Reward people who sign-up for future blog updates by sending a “Welcome to the Tribe!” email.

This simple gesture shows your new reader that:

  1. You are a giver and not a taker. You are willing to use your tools to promote, help, or recognize them.
  2. You care about your readers by taking a moment to acknowledge them.
  3. You are focused on building a community not just making a sale.

For now you should add a “What’s your Twitter address?” field to your blog updates opt-in form.
When you get notified of a new subscriber, copy the subscribers Twitter address and set out your tweet.

You can also automate this via Zapier to save time.

This little “hack” works because your new reader will often retweet your “Welcome” message and follow you.

Along with this tactic you should improve your blog update offer, redesign your optin form, and make sure your opt-in form is placed for maximum visibility.

The 1st Chapter of my 10K Blog Marketing Guide (you can read free) describes in detail how to use simple techniques to get more blog subscribers. Click here to read it.
Using these techniques will give you a loyal reader base that will dutifully check out your blog everyday. This mean you could start with 10% of your daily readership showing up without lifting a finger.

Having fun yet? Do you see how getting your next 10,000 readers can be easier than you thought?

I’ve got one more tip for you.

Take Content to Your Audience

There are two reasons why “traditional” blog marketing doesn’t work:

  1. The traditional methods assume your entire audience enjoys reading 500 – 1,000 word posts. But the reality is that long-form “word-for-word” reading is going extinct.
  2. Traditional tactics depend on people finding their way to your blog. By now you know that this assumption is a tad naive. Your reader is spending time on mega-platforms such as Facebook, iTunes, Slideshare, and YouTube and will need a compelling reason to visit your blog.

This means that high-growth bloggers take their content to their audience. They don’t sit around waiting for readers to come to them. This is a big difference.

You are missing out on thousands of monthly readers if you only publish blog posts. It’s time for you to take your content on a road-trip.

Here’s how -

“Create Once, Publish Everywhere.”

Every blog I produce can be repurposed into 3 other types of content and uploaded to mega-platforms.

Here’s what good content repurposing could look like for you:

  1. Write a blog post.
  2. Outline your post and create a PowerPoint presentation. Add a cover to your presentation. Upload to SlideShare.
  3. Use your outline a script to narrate a podcast.
  4. Merge your podcast audio and PowerPoint presentation to create a screencast. Upload your video to YouTube.
  5. Post your new video to Facebook and LinkedIn and your own blog.
  6. Sent an update to all of your social channels about the new video.

Now you have 6 effective ways to use one post to attract traffic from 5 different platforms.

This tactic is very useful for weekly blog publishers who need to get the most amount of exposure from each post.

This Create Once Publish Everywhere strategy puts you in a great position to grow your blog even though people are reading less.

How to Do The Right Thing and The Right Time

These tactics are the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more smart, low-cost, tactics waiting for you. I’m adding new ones every week.

All of these strategies used to be in my head.

Now they are explained in detail in my latest How to Get Your Next 10,000 Blog Readers Blog marketing course.

Specifically I’ll show you how to implement these tactics without making time wasting mistakes.
Plus I’ll show you how to use marketing automation tools to scale your attention.

The 10,000 Blog Reader Marketing Course

My goal is to help you rapidly grow your blog readership. When you join this course I’ll give you lifetime access to a growing blog marketing tool box.

This is what you’ll get immediately:

  • Instant access to the How to Get Your Next 10,000 Blog Reader Guide
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Invest in a Resource That Get’s More Valuable Every Week

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I want to reward you for making a quick decision but also price the book fairly.

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